Monday, May 24, 2010

Is This Just a Nightmare, or Did It Really Happen?

Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But, then, I repeat myself.
 -- Mark Twain

Is This Just a Nightmare, or Did It Really Happen?

To all who watched the debacle the message was clear: We hate the United States.

That's the only conclusion that can be drawn after seeing a standing ovation for a two-bit, tin-pot head of state who had just insulted and slammed one of the United States, Arizona, while standing before a joint session of Congress. The crass, ignorant and highly politicized ovation was clear evidence that the left side of the aisle has no respect for America or Americans. They are clearly uncomfortable with the United States being an independent nation and the leader of the free world. They would rather that we were like all the other near-do-well nations in the world with a socialist government system and a compliant underclass to serve the needs of the political, and need I say rich, ruling elite. They have ceased to honor our nation and the sacrifices of those who built it. Instead they honor only their party, the Democrat Party, and their regime, The Obama Regime. I have never seen a more insipid and dishonorable act in my entire life although they have existed in history. Benedict Arnold was bolder and more honorable in his treason than are those who stood and applauded Mexican Presidente Felipe Calderon. If politicians were capable of shame, I would shout it to their faces. But these people, these pretenders to honor, have no conscience and no shame. They only have ambition to power.

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