Friday, May 28, 2010

The Endgame of Class Warfare

The Endgame of Class Warfare

I am of the firm belief that the job description of the President of the United States does not include a section allowing him to determine when someone has made enough money or who shall be allowed to make money or which company shall survive and which shall fail.  Of course that belief goes along with the government has no business determining my health care, telling me what type of car I should drive or telling me what to eat.

Obama believes that these are all things that the government should do to individuals and businesses in America and this is clearly because he believes in socialism and wants to "change" America from a Republic to a Socialist state.  Although he has a gift for oratory and has managed to fool people into voting for him once, the proof of his socialist beliefs are rooted in his past and shown his actions.  He espouses class warfare when he speaks because it is absolutely necessary in order that a Socialist-Marxist state successfully replace the Republic for it is through class warfare that people willingly surrender their own freedom–their own free will–so that their own class will be victorious.  By the time they realize that class warfare does not advance individuals to equality but lowers all to the same level it is too late. All except the ruling elite are on a perfectly level, proletariat plateau from which there is no ascent. The ruling elite are ensconced high above on an ivy league mountain top that is surrounded by impenetrable barriers defined by education and political purity, or, in other words, defined by class.  Class warfare is but a tool that can be used to steal freedom.  Those who preach it speak in favor of a slavery that is every bit as pernicious and abominable as that which required a ball and chain.

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