Thursday, May 13, 2010

EDITORIAL: Black Panthers but no white rights - Washington Times

EDITORIAL: Black Panthers but no white rights - Washington Times

There was hope for a short while after his election that Barack Hussein Obama would be the symbol of a post-racial America. I admit that even though I looked at that as a silver lining in the clouds that were gathering over America. Unfortunately that hope was as short lived as a snowball in Hades. We now know that far from being post-racial, Obama thrives on and encourages racial divisions. In Obama's America, only white people can be racist. All others can discriminate all they want but in the end, in Obama's eyes, it is always the fault of the white guy. Especially if he is a police officer. That is political correctness under the Obama Regime.

In the New Black Panther case, it was inarguably the worst incidence of voter intimidation since the Civil Rights movement began. But in Eric Holder's eyes, and the eyes of Barack Obama, the New Black Panthers could not be guilty for two reasons: 1. They were black and blacks can't be racist; and, 2. The New Black Panthers were early supporters of Barack Obama when he announced his run for the presidency.

This isn't just wrong, it's corrupt, arrogant, crass evil.

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