Thursday, May 20, 2010 - Authorities Say Mojave Desert Replacement Memorial Cross Must Come Down - Authorities Say Mojave Desert Replacement Memorial Cross Must Come Down

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of the Memorial Cross, at least temporarily, and the ACLU and the Neo-Libs were so incensed by that ruling that I'm sure they smiled broadly when they heard that persons unknown had illegally removed the Memorial in the dark of night.  When that happened they knew that they had a fait accompli in that once the original Memorial Cross was removed the National Park Service, ever a slave to political correctness, would immediately step-in to prevent the erection of a replacement.  In effect, they won without winning.

They didn't count however, on veteran's groups raising a quick $125,000.00 for a reward for information as to the perpetrators of the action.  As the caretakers of the original Memorial Cross had not yet finished making the replacement it has been suggested that the cross that miraculously re-appeared, again in the middle of the night and at the hands of persons unknown, is the original cross. ( If it is the original Memorial Cross, I would posit that the original thieves were shaken by the strength of the veteran's reaction and the willingness of a large group of people to put their butts in jail and decided to bring it back.)  But that makes no difference to the National Park Service.  Their spokesman...errr, spokesperson or spokeswoman I guess it should Linda Slater has said the "new" cross has to be removed.

The attitude of the National Park Service is definitely appalling.  Some would say even un-American.  Myself, I would just say that they are bureaucratically brain-dead and stupid.  Not unusual for people in the government with small minds and some power.  These are the kind of people we can do without in the government so maybe they should be encouraged to go out and find work in the real world.

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