Monday, May 24, 2010

Fighting a War without Bullets?

If true, this situation is what Catch 22 was all about. Imagine: You are in a war zone. You're getting combat pay. You're not allowed to load your weapon while on patrol.

Do you see anything wrong with that scenario? It speaks to two possible reasons: 1) The troops are too poorly trained to safely walk with a chambered round in their weapon; or, 2) the REMF's at "Higher" and in Washington are making a politically correct decision without regard for the lives of the people in the field.

If #1 is the reason you solve it with training.

If #2 is the reason you solve it in November by voting the idiots out of office.

It seems we saw this type of thinking before. During the Vietnam War LBJ was in such tight control of what was going on that the word was that Westmoreland had to ask for permission from the President before he could go to the latrine. LBJ was a Democrat.  Obama is a Democrat.

Notice any similarity?

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