Friday, May 21, 2010

NPA-SEIU Terrorizes Child, Breaks Laws – What Did President Obama Know And When Did He Know It?

"Hey, you know you're saying some really harsh things here.  We'd never hurt kids and I would just hate the thought of something happening to your kids.  Know what I mean?"

NPA-SEIU Terrorizes Child, Breaks Laws – What Did President Obama Know And When Did He Know It

In another era the mob-style actions of the SEIU would be consistent with the actions of other Socialist agitators. The German Brownshirts come immediately to mind as they were used to intimidate political opponents of socialism through the same type of mob action. Their demonstrations and strong-arm tactics isolated opponents of the National Socialist Party from the rest of society but even more than that, they were used as a way to attack those who were targets of the Party, such as Jews. And the German people were afraid to speak out against the Brownshirts because they did not want to be targeted by them. History shows that things did not turn out well for the German people.

The connection of the White House with the SEIU, which goes back to the Presidential campaign and beyond, is both clear and ominous. In recent history there has not been a time when an American President was so comfortable with a group of supporters that acted in such a thuggish manner. To find examples of political leaders who were comfortable with supporters capable of this type of mob action one has to drop down several political levels and look at New York's Tammany Hall or Los Angeles way-back-when or Chicago. (Shocked? Maybe you thought that the Chicago Way they speak of was a style of food or a new position for the Kama Sutra?) But not only is Barack Obama clearly close to SEIU, he embraces them through Andy Stern and works to ensure their increased profitability by planning to have them represent Federal Government employees.

Now I'm sure that you're thinking 'Federal employees need union representation?' Federal employees, as you know, have codified regulations that give them more protection than any union employee in the country; and their pay and benefits are outstanding especially when you consider that the profitability of the "company" is never a consideration in negotiations. (And that's a good thing considering that the Federal Government has a track record of business failures that include the inability to turn a profit running a seized bar and whore house in Nevada.) The only party that really benefits from unionization of government employees is the union itself because if they become the union of, say TSA, they will have an immediate monthly profit from union dues subtracted from the employees pay and given directly to the union. The government's own laws and regulations provide excellent protections for the employees so the actual representation work by the union is totally minimal. Their major cost of the unionization will be the printing of additional union cards. I suppose that they'll consider doing the cards with embossed gold seals and edges to make the government union members feel good about being government union members.

So the Obama Regime has an active, aggressive group that can roll-out bus loads of tough, sign-carrying, uniformly dressed thugs on short notice to help vilify both opponents and targets of the Regime. In this case it was probably doubly sweet for SEIU. The Regime is making the banks a target so that they can increase their governmental control over the banks and SEIU gets to put pressure on a bank to which the union owes a large chunk of change by terrorizing the family of a bank employee. They are such brave, brave thugs, don't you think? Who knows, maybe Bank of America will cave and renegotiate the terms of the loan so that it's much more favorable to the union. That's what Al would like if he were in charge.

And we're waiting on the Left Stream Media to report on the violent actions of leftist demonstrators in this case.  I mean, they were all over the Tea Party when there was no actual violence so they should be headlining this type of action, right?  Don't hold your breath.

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