Monday, May 17, 2010

Governor Brewer and Sarah Palin Criticize Eric Holder's Inability to Read

That the ethically-challenged Eric Holder is incompetent is no longer a state secret as he personally confirmed his abject incompetence by admitting that he hadn't read the very bill he had been roundly criticizing on television and to the print media.  As he succinctly put it, "...I've been relying on what I heard on television and read in the papers...".

I don't believe that I've ever seen a more blatant lack of probity on the part of an elected official.  (Well, ok, I will admit that Bill Clinton was worse with "...I never had sexual relations with that woman..." but Holder, who worked in the Clinton Administration, is definitely his understudy.)  But the fact of the matter is that a real Attorney General would have demurred commenting on the Arizona statute until after he'd read the law and briefed by staff experts on the issues presented.  A real Attorney General, as opposed to an in-over-his-head, partisan ideologue, would have not wanted to prejudice the issue in either direction until he was sure of the correct position.  But that's a real Attorney General.  Holder, on the other hand, was all too willing to use his position to help his boss, the quintessential community rabble rouser, in widening the divide between races by parroting Obama's lies about the law being nothing more than racial profiling.  And that canard, as obvious as it is, has been repeated by the Obama and the Left Stream Media at every turn if only to divert attention from Obama's failure to secure the border.

It is clear that Holder is too arrogant to do the right thing and resign so we will have to put up with him until after November at a minimum.  Once, however, we have place conservatives in leadership positions in the House and Senate, his arrogance will no longer provide the shield it does now.

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