Monday, May 24, 2010

No more police escorts for union thugs | Washington Examiner

No more police escorts for union thugs | Washington Examiner

This is an excellent editorial and presents an accurate picture of what happened. You know, just like you saw on the Left Stream Media's evening news. What? There wasn't anything on MessNBC? Or CBS? Or ABC? Or CNN? Really? My oh my! Can you imagine how this could have slipped under their vision and they just didn't see this incredibly stupid and egregious use of police power to threaten a private citizen? I am sure that they'll be on the story soon for I haven't seen such a misuse of police power since...well, since Bull Connor turned the fire hoses on peaceful civil rights demonstrators in Alabama back in 1963.

When I first heard of this I said to myself, "What were they (referring to the Metropolitan Police Department) thinking?" To this day no answer has been given. Nor can a satisfactory answer be given. Officers of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC, escorted bus loads of SEIU thugs to suburban Maryland where the thugs trampled on the property and privacy rights of a private citizen in support of the Obama Regime's war on banks and their own union's desire to restructure a loan from the bank where the private citizen worked. The citizen was not the corporate head of the bank. He was not a CEO or Chairman of the Board. He was a bank employee.  A mere lawyer working for the bank.  (Yes, I realize that him being a lawyer could be some sort of justification; but, hey, even lawyers have rights!)

The SEIU thugs must be very proud of themselves as they frightened a child in the residence so badly that he locked himself in the bathroom in fear. They weren't shy and happily posed for pictures because they know that the U.S. Department of Justice under Eric Holder will do nothing to either them or the union. They were able to violate a citizens rights with impunity because their protection reaches clear to the Oval Office.

I wonder if the Metropolitan Police Department will get the word?

Do you wonder when they will come to your door?

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