Friday, May 28, 2010

EDITORIAL: The U.N. gun grabber - Washington Times

EDITORIAL: The U.N. gun grabber - Washington Times

Everyone, and I mean everyone both left and right, knows that Barack Obama lied during the campaign. The Right side of the aisle points it out with great consistency and the Left side ignores the lies because while he is a liar, he is their liar.  He lied often and well and with the help of a worshipping Neo-Lib Left Stream Media was elected to the Presidency.  It wasn't a long shot win because of the press' demonization of President Bush and the Republicans for 8 solid years (some of which was well deserved by the Republicans who started to act like Democrats).  A Democrat was bound to be elected absent the resurrection of Ronald Reagan himself and despite the breath of fresh air that was Sarah Palin, John McCain, patriot though he is, was not Ronald Reagan.  Unfortunately we didn't get a Democrat in the John Kennedy sense of the party but a Neo-Lib Democrat:  One who melds the liberal-progressive-socialist-Marxist ideal into a cohesive plan of action and, public sentiment be damned, pushes it down the throats of We the People.

One of the Obama's lies that was repeated on more than one occasion–and even echoed by Joe "The-Village-Idiot" Biden–was the one where he said in clarion voice, "I won't be going after your shotgun or hunting rifle!"  Right.  And if you believe that I've got a bridge you can buy in Brooklyn that will go well with the oil-covered swampland you already own the Gulf Coast.  The U.N. treaty that is discussed in the linked editorial from the Washington Times is the tool that Obama and his regime will use in an attempt to disarm America.  That he would authorize moving forward on that treaty is proof of his lie about "your shotgun or hunting rifle."  He want's America disarmed because only then can his Socialist-Marxist dream be safe for Obama realizes that the primary difference between a free man and a slave is the right to bear arms and his intent is to make us all slaves to a central government.

Follow the link for more on how Obama plans to violate the Constitution and abrogate the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

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