Friday, May 21, 2010

The Audacity of Hypocrisy

Presidente Felipe Calderon would do well remember that the liberals will not be in power forever and we Conservatives will long remember the insults he has hurled at our country.  I am sure that he was at least indirectly coached by the Obama Regime and given assurances that a verbal attack on the Arizona law would be well received.  He must have, for his highly hypocritical remarks followed the Arizona talking points of the Regime and its acolytes:  the Neo-Libs.  It is appalling that he is ignorant enough to believe, however, that like Mexico, in the United States the political class is perpetual or that the American people will meekly accept criticism from a Third World leader who is more concerned with protecting the status quo (i.e. ensuring the rich get richer and the poor stay that way) than with solving the problems of his own country.  Calderon has been described as "honest" in comparison to his predecessor, Vicente Fox, but that is arguable and I'm sure that his successor will be described as "honest" in comparison to Calderon.

There is, of course, a baser motive behind the his bald lie of a statement.  The remittances sent by both legal and illegal Mexicans back to Mexico are in the $22 Billion--yes that's with a "B"--a year range.  That means that the export of Mexican citizens to the United States is the second largest legal money earner for Mexico after their oil.  I stress legal because the illegal drug and human smuggling trades bring in even more money but, unlike remittances, that money is harder for the Mexican upper class to get control of an add to their own bank accounts.  And that it precisely the reason that Calderon is in power: to ensure that the upper class continues to get richer at the expense of the underclass.  (The underclass is a continual problem because they can't let the underclass become a middle class or they'd lose their primary source of maids, drivers and expendable pistoleros.)

Speaking of pistoleros, the crass appeal for American gun control to the Neo-Libs sitting in Congress brought an enthusiastic and obligatory standing ovation from the Democrats (it seemed to be so well-scripted that I wondered if all the Democrats met before hand and practiced) and was also from President Obama's political talking points.  We all know that Obama would like nothing better than to abrogate the 2nd Amendment and is continually trying to set up a way to do it without appearing to do so.  The truth of the matter is that the fully automatic weapons and assault weapons that are favored by the drug traffickers in Mexico don't come from the U.S.  They come from the Mexican Army and other sources in both Latin America and the Far East.  Calderon knows that but it's more of a "you scratch my back by condemning the gun trade and I'll scratch yours by condemning Arizona" from his friend Barack.  Besides, his inability to address the violence in Mexico is causing him internal headaches so it is good he can appear macho on Mexican TV by criticizing the gringo Norte Americanos in their own house.  
The Alamo, which led to the Battle of San Jacinto and settled the question of the Mexican control over Texas or any other part of the United States.  Do you remember this from your studies, Felipe?

Calderon would do well to clean up the mess in Mexico before criticizing the United States.  Unfortunately he still is unable to read the map properly--probably a result of the reconquista lessons that are taught in Mexican schools.  But for his edification I'll once again post a map for him to study.

Now please pay attention, Felipe.  Study the map below.  It is not difficult to understand and if you look at it long enough maybe you'll actually learn something.

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Anonymous said...

I have been long fascinated by the Mexican border with the US, having grown up in the lower Rio grande valley and in the shadow of its porosity. In the nineties and well into the new century, it was merely another distance to cross- nothing more. We crossed into matamoros to eat elaborate game dinners at El Senorial and The Diner, and mexicans crossed to mow lawns, wash dishes, and shop at the mall. Now it takes a passport for me to dine, and nothing for the Zetas to practice marksmanship on JetSkis. The fault belongs equally to Bush and Obama, and neither get a pass. I recall only the words of radical environmentalist Edward abbey who remarked with much prescience in the nineteen eighties that Mexico was importing it's corruption northward and the best thing we could do was meet each campesino at the border, give him a good rifle and a case of ammunition, and turn him back. He'd know what to do with it.