Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holder hasn't read Arizona law he criticized - Washington Times

Holder hasn't read Arizona law he criticized - Washington Times

Does it surprise anyone that the most incompetent Attorney General in the history of the United States criticizes a law based purely on hearsay? Unfortunately, I wasn't surprised at all because he is just following the lead of his boss. President Obama has been making statements calculated to divide America rather than unite the country. His demagogic assumption that the police in Arizona would act in a racist manner is distasteful at the least and patent racial pandering at the worst.  It is the Federal Government that has failed to act to secure the southern border and that is to the shame of both this Regime and the previous Administration. Arizona did exactly what it needed to do for the citizens of Arizona and they didn't do anything that isn't being done already in other areas of the United States. The difference is that it's close to an election and the liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats need to engage in race-mongering in order to have a semblance of an issue in November. They are hoping that by standing and screaming "RACIST!!" and repeating it often enough despite the fact that there is nothing racist about the law, their base will get enthused enough to turn out and vote.

As for me and most other Americans, we are tired of politicians and professional race-mongers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who keep stirring the racial pot to keep Americans divided along racial/ethnic lines. It's time that we quit assuming racism just so Jesse, Al and the others can make a living. It's time for them to get real jobs and contribute to America.

Follow the link for more on Holder and how he hasn't even read the law he's criticized.  It just proves that it's all politics, folks.  The Obama Regime could care less about the truth.

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