Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Ugly Side of Social Justice

The Ugly Side of Social Justice

Social justice is not justice. It is a term that today more accurately means using the façade of justice to justify crime because the one making the judgment favors the one being judged. Liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats love the idea of social justice because it excuses their actions which would be considered criminal in any other setting. For instance, destroying millions of dollars in property by burning a Hummer dealership is not a crime under social justice because Hummers are bad for the environment. Never mind the destruction of personal property or the monetary loss for workers or the owners. Social justice doesn't just take into consideration the motive, it demands that the motive be considered as an excuse. I'm sure that social justice would have been comforting to the non-surviving members of the Donner Party. And I'm certain that Martin Bormann would have been excused for the crimes of the National Socialist Party in Germany had he been tried in Iran as social justice would have demanded it.

Social justice is not justice. It is merely a way to excuse the illegal and illegitimate actions of those who support the ruling liberal elite or to condemn those who oppose the policies of the liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats. That is all it is. Nothing more. Nothing less. And contrary to the comments of some men who call themselves "religious leaders," ministers or priests, Jesus would not have advocated for social justice as envisioned by the left today. His social justice required that the judge be blind to the social standing of those before the court so that the rich and the poor, the downtrodden and the powerful, were all treated alike. His social justice advocated that all men were created equal and and thus must be judged equally.

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