Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama to Seniors: 'Drop Dead'

As the debate was raging over Obamacare this blog among hundreds of others stated clearly that Obamacare would lead inexorably to the rationing of health care in America.  This was denied, of course, by the Neo-Lib political class supporters of Obamacare and despite the opposition of a majority of Americans, the Neo-Lib Democrats passed Obamacare and took turns bowing to themselves and applauding their ability to ignore We the People.

Now as details of the bill are confirmed by independent sources–remember Nancy Pelosi saying that they'd have to pass the bill so we can find out what was in it?–we find that rationing will definitely happen.  Although "death panels" may have been a bit harsh, that will be the practical effect of the administrative decisions made by insulated, unidentified bureaucrats who will decide on the level of care for those subject to Obamacare.  The very young, who cannot pay taxes, and the elderly whose high earning years are behind them are most at risk.  (I would suggest that the elderly are more at risk considering that the Federal Government will get 55% of their estate once the death tax is reinstated at the end of 2010 but that's another story.)

And if it weren't enough President Obama appoints Donald Berwick, another Harvard friend and a well-known advocate of health rationing, to head Medicaid.

Do you still doubt that they'll pull the plug on Grandma?

I don't.

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