Friday, May 28, 2010

James Armistead, Hero of the American Revolution

In the revisionist history that has been put into place by progressives in education since the 1920's, we have been deprived of many of the heroes of American history.  Especially those "of color."  Today that revisionism is trumpeted by the Neo-Lib Democrats, the modern progressives, as proof of the slighting of minorities in America and why minorities cannot make it in America without the support of the Neo-Lib Democrat Party.

Check out the history for yourself.  James Armistead, also known as James Armistead Lafayette, was one of the Founders of America.  He served honorably on the staff of General Lafayette during the Revolutionary War as a spy who supplied the American Army with information on British movements.  General Lafayette held him in extremely high regard, as did George Washington, and his spying and work as a double-agent contributed directly to the final American victory.

Did you know that?

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