Thursday, May 6, 2010

VIDEO: Hate and Violence Erupt at May Day Protest – Directed at Tea Party Counter-Protest

VIDEO: Hate and Violence Erupt at May Day Protest – Directed at Tea Party Counter-Protest

The violence was fomented directly by President Obama, the Obama Regime and their acolytes in the Left Stream Media and entertainment industry. Their statements were calculated to churn the emotions of their unthinking, robotic, left-wing base and gave them the signal to demonstrate and do so violently on May Day. And of course the useful idiots complied. But there is no doubt that Obama seized the issue not to heal it by bringing the nation together but to further divide the nation along class, economic and racial lines and in that he was successful.

The problem in Arizona should not be there. The Federal Government should have solved it decades ago but for too long the Congress has failed to do their job and now Obama has no intention of solving the issue if he can help it. Illegal immigration is not abhorrent to the liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats because it provides them with an instant, malleable underclass that they can use for political and economic power. When you look at what the illegal immigrants go through in order to illegally enter the United States across our southern border you come to the realization that allowing it to continue is tantamount to allowing slavery to continue. (You would think that the liberal-progressive-socialists would be dead-set against slavery but in actuality they are not. Instituting economic slavery, after all, is their ultimate goal. But I digress.) These people are victimized at every step of their journey and the victimization continues once they arrive. Victimization is something that has been the hallmark of Democrat politics for decades now. They don't hate it, however, quite the opposite. They use it to politically excite their underclass base in order to accrue political power. They preach it in every speech and inculcate and nurture it in their underclass base. Without victims, you see, the liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats would have no reason to exist and no path to power (which equals no path to wealth through crony capitalism).

Follow the link to see May Day a l á Raza.

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