Thursday, May 6, 2010

‘Edgy’ Comedy Central Censors Muhammad, ‘Bravely’ Ready to Satirize Christ

'Edgy' Comedy Central Censors Muhammad, 'Bravely' Ready to Satirize Christ

It's clear that the courage of the girly-man producers of Comedy Central knows no bounds. They are rebounding from their momentary cowardice that led to censoring the South Park satirization of Muhammad with a stirring program that makes fun of Jesus Christ. While they know it will be offensive to most Christians they feel that they must let the chips fall where they may. Besides, Christians don't kill people for being obnoxious. Islamo-fascists, on the other hand, kill people if they even think that Muhammad has been insulted.

I am certainly glad that Comedy Central finally found its courage even though it's not enough courage to show the South Park Muhammad episode uncensored. I'm sure you're glad too. Let's all stand outside Viacom Headquarters one day this summer and give them a rousing "here's the sound of one-hand-clapping" salute. They deserve it!

Follow the link to see how they plan to insult Jesus Christ and know that he will forgive them should they find it in their hearts to ask that forgiveness.

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