Tuesday, May 4, 2010

State attorney general demands ex-professor's files from University of Virginia

This makes me glad that we Virginians chose Ken Cuccinelli as our Attorney General.  Anthropogenic Global Warming is a fraud that is being used as a political tool in the liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats crony capitalism and to gain power over We the People as they increase the size of government.

It's never been about the weather.  It's about AlGore being able to buy a $9 million dollar mansion on the coast of California (clearly he isn't really worried about the rising sea level or he'd have bought a home in the Sierra Madre Mountains) and the Democrats being able to create a permanent economic underclass that will be harnessed to support the ruling class through increased government regulation.

Come to think about it, AlGore's done well in his creation of the Church of Global Warming.  His worth in 2000 was between $1 million and $2 million.  In a mere 10 years he's managed to increase it enough to travel by private jet, limousine and buy a house in California worth $9 million.  Not bad for a faux scientist.

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