Thursday, May 6, 2010

American Thinker: '¡Cuba Si! - Arizona No!' Says Mexican President Felipe Calderón

American Thinker: '¡Cuba Si! - Arizona No!' Says Mexican President Felipe Calderón

The "threat" is not to Hispanic-Americans at all. It is a threat to those who profit from the business of smuggling Hispanics and others into the United States across the southern border through the actual smuggling of aliens into the United States and through the remittances that are sent back to their families in Mexico. Calderon is one of the biggest hypocrites in the Western Hemisphere (and considering the number of Democrats in the U.S. Congress that's saying something!) because he has done nothing to provide opportunity for the citizens of his own country. Corrupt Mexicans officials and the corrupt Mexican government profit heavily from the money sent home to relatives by illegal immigrants so his anger is not about the people but about a possible loss of money. And of course there is the Reconquista Movement that encourages Mexicans to believe that large swaths of the United States (such as California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas) can be returned to Mexico if they can only get enough Mexican citizens living there. (Fat chance that, but maybe we could make a deal for California alone. They'd have to take San Francisco just as it is today and promise to put up with their idiocy without trying to deport any of them. But, naw, they'd never be stupid enough to take that deal.)

So once again I'll put the map up for Presidente Calderon to remind him of his area of responsibility in hopes that he will actually do something for the people there other than let his corrupt government steal from them. You can read maps, can't you Felipe?

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