Saturday, May 8, 2010

Julius Caesar of the Internet

Are you ready for the specter of the government, especially the Obama Regime, controlling the internet?  You'd better be, because that's exactly what they plan to do.

The linked WSJ article talks about how they plan to take over the internet to enforce the safe sounding idea of "net neutrality."  Net neutrality seems reasonable enough.  But wait, isn't the net neutral as it now exists?  Can't you find just about every kind of idea on the net.  Can't you do research on all sides of any issue now?  Of course you can!  With blogs ranging from the Daily Kos and Huffington Post to Red State and Rush Limbaugh you can find open, vibrant political discourse covering all issues from the far, far left to the far, far right.  You can find discussions on scientific research.  You can find discussions on religion–every religion–without any problem at all.  So what is this thing that they call "net neutrality" and why is the Obama Regime so hot to implement it?

And most importantly, who will profit from its implementation?  Will it lower prices?  If so, for how long?  Will it stifle free speech in any way?  Will the government control net content in any way? Will there be censorship?

So many questions that need to be answered about the innocuous sounding two-word phrase:  Net neutrality.

The person driving the issue for the Obama Regime is Julius Genachowski, a recess appointment who could not pass muster and get approval by the Senate because of his radical ideas and agenda, and Julius believes that he can change the rules to get around a federal appeals court ruling that the FCC lacks the authority to regulate the Internet.  I am hoping that he is wrong and I certain his attempt will be seriously challenged in court.

Until then, it's important that we watch this very carefully and try to find out the true answers to the questions above and the truth, you can be certain, won't be handed to us by Julius because he's on a mission.  With the crowd that is government now, it's better to be very careful with our trust.  After all, "net neutrality" is a non-phrase straight from George Orwell's 1984.  If they're using that kind of double-talk we'd best keep one hand on our wallet and the other on our freedoms.  They'll steal both in a heartbeat if they think they can.

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