Friday, May 7, 2010

Citizens United We Stand

"But I don't want to share free speech.  It's mine! It's mine!"

Liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats tout their love of free speech.  They love it, but like a whiney, spoiled baby, they don't want to share it.  The only thing they've ever been able to learn to share is other people's money.  They share that with great joy.

Fortunately the Supreme Court was there and called it correctly in the Citizens United case.  But, with the help and support of the Left Stream Media, President Barack Obama and the Obama Regime embarked on a Marxist-style campaign that began with the State of the Union address to again limit free speech for those corporations and businesses that weren't reliably "liberal "  This is evidenced by the fact that the Unions, those darlings of the liberal-progressive-socialist elite, are not restricted in the new bill.

Isn't that just like the Regime (or like any regime)?  Obama has told us that he wants everyone to just shut-up, listen and obey.  To him that makes things bi-partisan.  To us, that makes things partisan and dictatorial.  He wants to do it the way it was done in fascist states because that's where socialism is most comfortable.  The state is in control of everything and everybody is happy.

And the Constitution–which he clearly hates and ignores–says that we don't have to shut-up and listen.  It's called the 1st Amendment.  We have the right to freely express our political thoughts and, rest assured, we will continue doing that long after Obama is no longer in the White House.

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