Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AP Headline at AOL News Website: Motive of Times Square Suspect a 'Mystery' |

AP Headline at AOL News Website: Motive of Times Square Suspect a 'Mystery' |

In a prior post I linked to an article by Robin of Berkeley entitled "Liberals are from Mars, Conservatives are from Earth" and the author included some pretty clear examples. None of those examples, however, could beat the AP story that Newsbusters just highlighted. Imagine, al-Qaeda has been attacking the United States for a couple of decades now the worst of which was 9/11. The stated goal of the Islamo-fascists–and folks it is written in the Koran–is to kill or convert non-believers or infidels. We are, to the Islamo-fascists, infidels. We have not converted or submitted and become dhimmis therefore they try to kill us as encouraged by their religious/political leaders. Their motive is hatred of Christianity, Judism or any other religion and a desire to establish a caliphate to rule the world under Islamic (shari'ah) law. This is their stated purpose.

Clearly the authors of the AP story are liberals, or the editor is, for they can't understand why a Muslim who had recently went to Pakistan to receive training in a terror camp would want to blow-up a car bomb in Times Square. In their minds which must be kept in some dark, dank place where sunshine never reaches, they cannot understand why Faisal Shahzad would want to do that. We have allowed Muslims to build footbaths at our universities while taking down the offending crosses of Christianity. We have elected a man to the Presidency who was raised, at least partially, in Islam while in Indonesia and liberal-progressive-socialist Democrats who embody the spirit of political correctness, diversity and multiculturalism are in control of the government. So why would Shahzad attack us? It couldn't be that he belongs to a religion that teaches intolerance and hate towards non-believers while demanding tolerance and love from those same non-believers. I must be because of the housing crisis caused by Bush because his house was being foreclosed!

Just so they–the journalists–will understand the seriousness of the assault on America and its values, the SUV was parked next door to Viacom, the company that owns South Park. South Park has spoofed every religion out there and only one has reacted with serious threats of violence. It could well be that Shahzad parked the SUV on 45th Street just by the Viacom front doors by accident; but given that the heavily censored South Park episode aired only recently, do you want to bet on it? (As an aside, is Comedy Central going to change its name to Comedy Censored? Just wondering.) Just so it is clear, the Koran contains no 1st Amendment but Islamists do reserve the right to kill anyone who does speak if they don't like what is said. Don't believe me? Ask that Van Gogh fellow in Holland. You know, Theo? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that he's dead. Murdered by an Islamo-fascist who objected to Van Gogh's film about how women are treated under Islam. It was considered an insult to Islam just like South Park's episode. So it could have been an accident that he parked there. I don't know one way or the other about that small part. I'm just saying.

I enjoy reading Robin of Berkeley but this time the ideas presented were scarily on point. That these two reporters and their editor can't seem to understand why someone who hates America would do such a thing identifies them as world class naifs who really shouldn't be let out on their own without an adult escort.

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