Sunday, July 18, 2010

NYT: Obama Wrong About People Being Able To Keep Existing Health Coverage |

NYT: Obama Wrong About People Being Able To Keep Existing Health Coverage |

Its a quiet Sunday. I'm relaxed and enjoying my day. Then I open NewsBusters and can't believe my eyes: Even the New York Slime is exposing Obama's lies on Obamacare! I feel slightly like I imagine Alice did when speaking to Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. The NYT admitting Obama lied? How can that be? The "Paper of Record" is supposed to be infallible, I know, but could it be that someone over there actually had a lucid, non-drug induced thought last night before the paper went to press?

At any rate, and without the usual "I told you so," I have to say I told you so. Obama, Reid and Pelosi lied to the American people about Obamacare. It won't lower our costs. It will lead to health care rationing. It will lead to panels–you can call them "NICE" or "Death," I don't care–that will make decisions as to whether you will get the treatment you need or whether the treatment you need is just not cost effective which, at that point means it sucks to be you.

Our only hope is to get to the polls this November and send a rousing message to those who voted for Obamacare. A message that simply says, "You're fired!" in a manner that would make Donald Trump blush. Then the new, Conservative-led Congress can de-fund Obamacare and start the ball rolling to repeal and replace it with a true fix for our nation. We'll start with tort reform and go on from there. (You'll note that the Neo-Lib Democrats shied away from tort reform because the trial lawyers are just too good at donating to their campaigns.)

Oh, and in case you haven't heard, starting in 2014 you will be measured for body fat and that measurement, which might, repeat might, be an indicator of obesity, will be recorded in your electronic medical file and available to the government for review. Want to bet that the panel will get to see that figure when it makes a life or death decision about you? Remember, in 2014 you begin to lose your medical privacy. Guaranteed.

The ruling political class isn't worried, of course, because for the ruling political class the fix is already in when their needs go before the panel. They'll get what they want and need. As for the rest of us...well, it sucks to be us if this goes into full operation.

Follow the link for more on how you'll lose your existing health coverage under Obamacare.

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