Friday, July 2, 2010

Don’t expect objectivity from this Obama oil spill commission appointee | Washington Examiner

Don’t expect objectivity from this Obama oil spill commission appointee | Washington Examiner

The Neo-Lib Democrats are fond of talking about "America's addiction to oil" and have begun shifting the blame for the oil spill to the American people. They want us to feel guilty about the oil spill so we will acquiesce to their Cap & Tax/Climate Control program like good little slaves. They want us to accept the punishment for our "addiction" in terms of higher taxes, higher energy costs, a lower standard of living and increased control of our daily lives by the Federal Government. That's what they want and that's the purpose of that phrase.

Not me.

I believe that the blame for BP blowout in the Gulf, insofar as the actual blowout is concerned, has yet to be determined. We do not know, but do suspect, that BP's standards were too low. We do not know if a supplier gave them a substandard part but that could have happened. We do not know if it was something that was caused purely by the depths at which they were trying to drill–although this is clearly not the real issue as Obama approved a $2 billion loan to Petrobras (think major Soros investment) for a well that is more than 3 times deeper off the coast of Brazil. No, the blame for the accident regardless of technical cause, lies directly and solely with environmentalist idiots who have pushed oil drilling out of areas where it can be done more safely and with less risk to the environment. The blame for the blowout lies with those who have a vision of a world where people just float through the air through the power of their brain and energy is garnered only from the sun. The blame for the blowout lies with Neo-Lib Democrat politicians, supported by some RINOs of course, who use fairy-tale environmentalists with visions of doom to advance their own political agenda of total government control by the ruling political class over a permanent underclass. That's where the blame lies! It lies with people like Al "the Overheated Poodle" Gore, John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry, Nancy "the Nanny" Pelosi, Harry "Screw the Country" Reid and Barry "I Will be King" Obama. It lies with those who see the control of the energy industry as a way to wealth and, above all, total political power.

It is not America's addiction to oil that is the problem. It is the Neo-Lib Left's addiction to power that is the danger. "America's addiction to oil" is a lie. It is nothing more that a focus-group-chosen phrase that the Obama Regime believes can be used to make Americans feel guilty enough to accept their draconian energy plan. Nothing more. Nothing less. It is part of their talking points and you can expect it to be trotted out almost daily if they see it working. And if it doesn't work or starts to grow thin on the ears of We the People, then they will come up with a new slogan or phrase, designed and chosen by another focus group, to make us willingly bow our heads and accept slavery.

As I said above, not me.

How about you?

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