Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Washington’s Worst Nightmare: A Principled Man

Washington's Worst Nightmare: A Principled Man

I was raised by a man who lived by principles. My father believed in voting but never discussed who he voted for as a matter of principle. He dealt fairly with others as a matter of principle whether it was selling cattle or buying a new horse. He was a man of the land who believed that men should be treated as equals unless they showed themselves to be unprincipled then at that point, he would have nothing further to do with them.

As you can imagine, he didn't have much time for politicians.

"Joe the Plumber" thus strikes a chord with his opinion released on Big Government. Washington has operated without principles for far too long and it was never more clearly demonstrated than when RINO Sen. Lindsey Graham (r-SC) (Note: The lower case "r" is not an accident in Graham's case.) announced that he would support Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court. If Graham were a true Republican he would oppose Kagan on principle for her views are clearly an anathema to Republicans, especially Conservative Republicans, throughout the land and, I am certain, in his home state. I would daresay that his position is a greater embarrassment to Conservatives in the state of South Carolina than Bill Clinton's oral sex escapades in the Oval Office were to the nation as a whole.

Principle. A simple three-sylable word that is apparently unfathomable to Washington politicians. It is something that We the People sorely need and want in Washington but it is something that will continue to be elusive unless we turn-out as many incumbent politicians as possible in November. Our collective votes will decide whether our Nation will return to the principles of our Founders or whether the future of the country will be ruled by Progressives who view principles as an archaic idea and who hide behind the labels offered by our two-party system. We the People are the only ones who can force politicians to be principled for they have clearly demonstrated an inability to remain principled when left to their own devices.

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Then be sure to turn out and vote.

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