Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rumors Abound that the NRA Might Support Harry Reid

There are rumors going around that the NRA plans to endorse Harry Reid in the Nevada race.  Clearly this is another case where the NRA is looking at the politics of the situation as opposed to the principles that are involved.  The political reason is clear:  Harry Reid has been a vocal proponent of the 2nd Amendment and should he not be elected he will likely be succeeded by Sen. Charles "Chuck You" Schumer, a very vocal opponent of the 2nd Amendment.  That is, if the Democrats can hold onto the majority in the Senate which, at the moment, is not guaranteed.

If they were to do that this would be the second time in this political season that the NRA placed politics over principle.  The first, of course, being accepting an exempt status in the DISCLOSE legislation that, having passed the House, is going before the Senate.  Many NRA members, me included, objected to that as we have always believed that the 1st Amendment was vitally important to protecting the 2nd Amendment and the DISCLOSE Act is definitely an assault on the 1st Amendment.  It's only purpose is to be in effect for the coming election so as to affect that election on behalf of Neo-Lib Democrats because it is sure to make its way to the Supreme Court where it will be thrown out before the 2012 election.  It is clear that the NRA accepted the exemption along with Neo-Lib friendly unions for political reasons rather than on principle.

Being wise to the political landscape is generally a good idea for any organization that lobbies and the NRA certainly does lobby.  But hedging bets in a struggle that, if lost, will definitely adversely affect the Constitutional rights of all Americans, is an egregious violation of principle.  And while the NRA may fair well as an organizational entity, Americans as a whole may not.

For my part, as a Life Member of the NRA, I sent the NRA the following message:

I am concerned about rumors flying around relative to the possibility that the NRA might endorse Sen. Harry Reid over Conservative nominee Sharron Angle in the Nevada Senate race.  I understand the political strategy that is being considered looks at who might be Harry Reid's successor should he not win if the Democrats retain control of the Senate and can agree that Chuck Schumer would be bad as he is not a 2nd Amendment supporter.  But we will always have to fight Schumer and his ilk over the 2nd Amendment and as long as we have Neo-Lib Democrats in office the fight will go on.

More important, however, is the overall composition of the Senate and the standing of the NRA as a proponent and protector of the 2nd Amendment and, indeed, the entire Constitution.  If we do not stand for the Constitution as a whole then we are sure to lose all our rights.  Harry Reid has shown himself to be a proponent of a socialist agenda that will eventually lead to an abrogation of the entire Bill of Rights or, even worse, a "redefining" of what is written in the Constitution.  He clearly showed that with his support of Justice Sotomayor who has already proven that she is firmly anti-2nd Amendment.  It’s no surprise, therefore, that he also supports Kagan who believes that the 2nd Amendment is outdated and wants to define it out of existence from the bench. 

That Reid says he supports the 2nd Amendment and the goals of the NRA is completely belied by his actions.  Better to have a vocal opponent who is battling us to our faces than one who puts his arm around us and hugs us while handing someone else the knife to stick in our backs.  

I urge the NRA not to endorse Harry Reid.  Endorse Sharron Angle.  She will stand up for us.  Besides, wouldn't it be a shame if the NRA's endorsement of Reid and his subsequent victory resulted in the Democrats retaining control of the Senate by a single member?

Stay principled.  Endorse the conservative candidate.


I'll post the reply if and when it comes.

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