Friday, July 30, 2010

Charlie May Skate

For 13 ethics violations including failure to report and pay taxes on income and property the House Ethics Committee of Speaker Nancy "I'm Going to Drain the Swamp" Pelosi is recommending the mildest of punishments for Rep. Charles Rangel:  A rebuke.

Excuse me but as a career government employee I would have been fired, and rightly so, for such activity but the Democrat Elite Political Ruling Class takes care of its own.  It looks like Charlie may get a walk so he can go home and tell his constituents, "I am innocent!  They rebuked me because it was all a mistake!"  Of course, we all know that's a load of bull hooey but he is a Representative of a district in New York City and there they could care less.  He is being challenged in November by a former pro-football player who is intelligent, youthful, apparently very honest and Conservative but with only a rebuke Charlie will hold the reins even without his Chairmanship post.  (Anyone want to bet that if re-elected he becomes completely rehabilitated and gets it back?)
"Charlie did what?  I don't believe it!!  It's a lie planted by the Tea Party!"
It would appear that Pelosi who famously said that she was going to drain the Washington swamp of corruption and clean-up the House is better at riding a broom than using one.  She's been strangely silent on Charlie so quite likely he knows where some very revealing skeletons are buried in the Democrat leadership's past and they won't risk attacking him for fear of retaliation.

Darn!  Isn't all this Hope and Change just swell!

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