Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DOJ Accused of Stalling on MOVE Act for Voters in Military

Eric Holder's DOJ absolutely protects this man's ability to intimidate voters at a polling place.

But they are not at all concerned with protecting this man's ability to vote and have it counted.

That the Department of Justice (DOJ) is ignoring the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE...does Congress have a special office to come up with names for bills that result in slick acronyms?  Just wondering...) should be no surprise considering that Attorney General Eric Holder is clearly the worst Attorney General in American history.  Holder is clearly a political ideologue dedicated to carrying out Obama'a leftist agenda regardless of his oath of office.  This translates into a studied incompetence rather than one of inability for Holder clearly can act with great dispatch when it comes to freeing Puerto Rican terrorists from jail as he did under the Clinton Administration.   His incompetence, therefore, is not borne of ignorance but of ideology.

Historically, civilians working overseas are, generally, pretty evenly split when it comes to political beliefs.    Having spent over 17 years in Southeast Asia I have seen the political gatherings of expat Democrats and Republicans and they are, by and large, pretty even in numbers so disenfranchising them would generally not affect an election either way.  But that being said, there is a new dynamic that must be considered in an era when we have a large portion of our military overseas accompanied and supported by an even larger group of civilians.  This grouping of military and those civilians who have actively sought employment overseas in support of the military are decidedly conservative in their views.  They are not monolithic by any means but they are much more likely to vote for a conservative politician, i.e., a Republican, than for a Democrat.

Is it any wonder then, that Eric Holder's DOJ is quietly trying to ignore the MOVE Act?  There are races in the coming mid-term election in states that should be considered deep blue that will be decided by slim margins so we know that the Attorney General wouldn't approve of any action that would facilitate voter fraud or deny voters a chance to vote when they are overseas in the service of our nation.  We know that, don't we?  Not hardly.

What We the People know is that Eric Holder will not allow the DOJ to work to ensure fair elections.  We the People know that Eric Holder's DOJ does not believe in protecting the right of all citizens to vote regardless of the color of their skin.  We the People know that Eric Holder's DOJ is operating under rules that protect the President's friends and supporters and attack the President's opposition.

We must vote this November and end the one-party rule that has enabled the Neo-Lib Democrats to ignore the Constitution and put this nation on the road to socialism.  We must vote this November to end the ability of the Eric Holder's of Obama's Regime to act with impunity as they try to force Obama's leftist agenda down the throats of the American people.  Once we end the one-party rule, We the People can force Congress to impeach Holder for his disgraceful actions, and even more disgraceful inactions, as Attorney General.  We the People can force Congress to bring all the President's Czars under control by defunding their positions and the positions of their staffs.  We the People have the opportunity this November to retake control of our out-of-control Government.  Let us not ignore that opportunity.

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