Friday, July 16, 2010

Why November is Important

The doctor will see you now.
Obama can recess appoint Berwick, but a GOP-led Congress doesn't have to fund his position | Washington Examiner

We know that Donald Berwick admires the British National Health Care System, especially its not so nice NICE, to the point of giddy, teenage infatuation. We know that Donald Berwick believes that for any national health care system to be effective it must be accompanied by a redistribution of wealth.

But we don't have to provide him an office or a salary despite his recess appointment. We don't have to give him money for a staff to implement Obamacare despite its partisan passage through Congress.

That's why November is so very, very important. We cannot let the Democrats continue majority rule in the House and Senate. We must, and will, get out the vote.

Follow the link for an excellent editorial from the Washington Examiner.

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