Sunday, July 11, 2010

***SPAIN WINS!*** Paolo the Octopus goes 8 for 8 in World Cup Predictions!

Paolo hard at work first picking Germany for 3rd then España for the World Cup over the Netherlands.
Paolo the Octopus, the Oracle from Oberhausen, did the impossible going 8 for 8 in World Cup predictions when Germany won over Uruguay for 3rd place and España beat the Netherlands 1-0 in overtime.

The tensions were high when Mani, the psychic parakeet from Singapore, picked the Netherlands for today's match setting-up a confrontation between the two greatest sports seers of the last 15 to 20 minutes.  In the end when España scored it's goal in overtime, Mani went down in flames.  There has been no word on Mani's fate since the match ended, as several Chinese gamblers had made significant wagers on the Netherlands as a result of his prediction.  (It should be noted that parakeets can be roasted on a stick in the Far East.)

PETA is still demanding Paolo's release from captivity.  His German keepers are waiting hopefully with camera's ready just in case PETA pretties show up naked to protest.  They should take comfort in the fact that based on his predictions Paolo is safe from being the guest of honor at the local Oberhausen Benihana Restaurant next Friday night.

In other news, David Axelrod's appearance on Fox News today belied rumors that he was going to Oberhausen to consult with Paolo on November's elections.

"Are you sure the squid has never registered as a Republican?"

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