Friday, July 16, 2010

Scott Brown Rips Kathy Griffin for Smearing His Daughters as 'Prostitutes' |

Always set a good example for your children.
Scott Brown Rips Kathy Griffin for Smearing His Daughters as 'Prostitutes' |

I must agree with Scott Brown that families should be off limits; but he should know that no matter how many times he crosses the aisle to support questionable Neo-Lib Democrat legislation, i.e., the Financial Reform Bill, his Republican label still makes him and his family fair game to the self-certified, unfunny comedians of the Neo-Lib left. They do not respect anyone who is right of center on any issue and feel it is their duty to attack them with the same zeal as a 7-year old boy with a magnifying glass, an ant hill and bright sunlight on a summer's day. Scott Brown should realize that their thought process is even less mature than that 7-year old.

You would think that Scott Brown would know better but clearly he doesn't. His support of the Obama Regime on financial reform is not unnoticed by Conservatives and although he campaigned and won on the idea that he would go to Washington and oppose the socialist policies that voters don't like, it is becoming clear that he is a RINO. Unfortunately for him and his family, RINOs get no respect from either side of the political spectrum.

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