Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki puts 'Everybody Draw Mohammed' cartoonist Molly Norris on execution hitlist

"You better fear me or I'll fatwa your butt!"

Anwar al-Awlaki is, for the time being, a name to remember. Like the other psychotic despots who lie in the dustbin of history, he presumes to impact the world with his edicts, or in his parlance fatwas, made on behalf of peaceful Muslims everywhere. In reality he is demented in that he actually believes that his advocacy of murder is making him points in Heaven. Nothing could be further from the truth.

His visage is, of course, on a "Wanted: Dead or Alive" poster issued by the Obama Regime so in some ways his pique over pictures of Mohammed is understandable. He wants to get even. However, given that even within Islam there are two differing views on pictures of Mohammed–one group hates any image and the other reveres pictures of the warlord and I forget which is which because it doesn't matter–his faux-anger is totally misplaced. Instead of putting on fatigues and heading for Afghanistan, al-Awlaki targets a female artist for “offending” Islam.

It is like al-Awlaki and his ilk to pick on someone like Molly Norris. People like him are always careful in their choice of targets for religious revenge so his picking of Ms. Norris for the latest in a long line of fatwas singling out non-believers is no surprise. She is a woman and Muslims like al-Awlaki do like to visit violence on women. She is, I hear, from Seattle, a fairly liberal section of the United States more famous for it's coffee shop society and rain than for women who can and are willing to shoot back. (I'm sure there are a few up there but they are unlikely to be artists.) She is also an artist and that is a profession that does not necessarily pride itself on the adherence to, or development of, any specific kind of martial art. As a matter of fact, artists are generally perceived and intellectually brave but gentle people and that makes her a much easier target for the Islamo-fascist terrorist who decides to try and carry out the fatwa. After all, if she were dangerous and/or had a coterie of government supplied bodyguards then there wouldn't be anyone willing to carry out the fatwa. Islamo-fascist terrorist assassins usually don't want to take a lot of chances unless, of course, they are the brain-washed ones who drive bomb-laden vehicles in hopes of finally getting laid even if it is after death. (Someone needs to tell those guys that some personal hygiene, toothpaste and cologne might increase their odds with human females on any given Saturday night.)

The cowardice of men like al-Awlaki is less physical than it is intellectual. They are certainly willing to die so long as they can take some innocent civilians with them as they go to meet their 72 virgins. Intellectually, however, they purposely live in a world devoid of freedom, preferring instead one ruled by canons that they alone interpret to suit their own prejudices. They prefer a society that is ordered in such a manner as to ensure their own supremacy above a ready-made underclass made up not only of non-believers but also of those who, even though they profess the same faith, are less than equal. (Women fit very nicely into this latter class, thank you. The Islamic religion is the true haven of feminism’s male-chauvinist-pigs, except that pigs are considered unclean so I suppose in this case they would have to be male-chauvinist-billy-goats.) This is the world of al-Awlaki: an ordered society that is ruled on what he believes are laws, the sharia, given by Allah which he and his brethren Imams alone may interpret; and which governs all aspects of the daily lives of its followers. It is, in other words, a fascist theocracy and the one thing that such a theocracy cannot tolerate is dissent of any kind. In this, the Islamic fascist theocracy is much like the Mafia: You may get in but you may never leave; and violations of the rules are dealt with using draconian punishments meant not to correct but to instill fear. Fear is the currency that keeps people like al-Awlaki in power. It is what they need to maintain control. Fear is what their twisted intellect understands and that is why they issue fatwas: They want, no they need, to instill fear in both believers and the kaffir. Without fear they will lose control and are exposed for the pitiful excuses for human beings that they are.

The edict by President Obama–one of the things he has done of which I heartily approve–ensures that Anwar al-Awlaki’s days on this earth are numbered. There is certainly a missile-carrying UAV just waiting for him to make the inevitable mistake that reveals his location and then he will be sent to some nether region where there will not only be no virgins but no salvation either. He is an evil man that will die and his memory will then be consigned to history’s dustbin along with the other evil men who came before him.

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