Monday, July 5, 2010

Bartle Bull reacts to former DOJ attorney on Black Panther case "Obama is a hustler"

My good friend, Gary at fousesquawk ( brought this to my attention as I was out and missed Megyn Kelly’s interview with Bartle Bull, a Civil Rights activist whose history in the civil rights movement goes back to the 1960s. He is one of the true patriots of the civil rights movement and put his life on the line then to ensure that all Americans could vote. I’ve no doubt that he would do the same today and for the petty thugs of the New Black Panther movement to think that they could intimidate him is laughable.

Eric Holder is the Attorney General who is responsible for this travesty. He is clearly a disgrace to the office of Attorney General and to the law. Barack Obama has obviously given the green light to Holder thus shares that disgrace. What we are seeing is a true picture of the Neo-Lib Democrats and their disdain for the law unless it can be used to bolster their political agenda. In other words, they have taken The Chicago Way national. The Left Stream Media, i.e., the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, have all abdicated their responsibility to report this outrage and ensure that the American public is fully informed. They thus share in the disgrace.

The question still stands unanswered. What did the President know and when did he know it? Until Eric Holder is fired or impeached–and I’m betting on the latter–we are unlikely to get an answer.

Isn’t it time you wrote your Representative and Senators and told them to ask the question?

Watch the video. And remember what this man has done in his life for the cause of justice and equal rights.

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