Monday, July 5, 2010

Congressional Failure: The only Neo-Lib achievement

Congress is a failure. Their one major duty is to pass the budget and they have not done that. As a matter of fact, under Speaker Nancy “The Nanny” Pelosi they have tried to conceal their failure by passing a faux budget that is merely a budget resolution rather than a true budget that extends for 5 years and has performance goals as well as a true picture of the deficit.

(For more on the budget resolution see:

Ah, yes! There is the rub! The Neo-Lib Democrats, led by Pelosi, don’t want to tell We the People the truth about the deficit and if they were to actually pass a budget it would have to reflect the true deficit. Without a deficit in black and white the Neo-Libs can campaign this fall clothed in gray making-up figures as they go along. It’s a brilliant idea if they can sneak it by the American people.

That is a big IF.

They are counting, of course, on the Left Stream Media not reporting the story because they are in the Neo-Lib kennel. Fortunately, Fox will report it as will the blogosphere and talk radio. So the word will get out. Then the Obama Regime will rely on their well-practiced Wall of Silence. The White House Press Corps will help by just not asking any embarrassing questions. Of course, Fox, talk radio and the blogosphere will ask questions but they will be ignored. The Regime will also ignore questions from We the People because in their eyes We the People are the underclass to their ruling political elite and are to be ignored.

Is it any wonder why Obama is working with his FCC czar, radical leftist Julius Genachowski to control the internet? If they can just do that it life will be just so much easier between now and November.

Write your Representative today and demand to know why they didn’t vote on an actual budget. The reply you get, if you get one, will be interesting. Send it along and I’ll post it.

I wrote Gerry “The Cannoli” Connolly (D-VA,11th) and have yet to hear back from him. I may not as he is already on notice from previous correspondence that I am working to replace him in November because of his support for Obamacare, Cap & Trade and the stimulus slush-fund packages that were passed. But his staffer may send out a canned reply. I’ll let you know what it says. Anyway, here is what I wrote:

Dear Rep. Connolly:

I see that the Democrats in Congress, led by your good friend Nancy Pelosi, are afraid to pass a budget. (A "resolution" is not a budget bill--or didn't you learn that in school?) In doing that you fail to carry out the one most important Constitutional duty assigned to the House of Representatives: That of drawing up and passing a budget. You are a disgrace! I am certainly looking forward to sending you a pink slip this coming November. Your absolute failure as a Congressman is clear. You failed to represent the people of the 11th District of Virginia. I will grant that you did a great job of helping Nancy Pelosi represent San Francisco, but that is not what you were elected to do.


I may have been a bit direct in my letter but Connolly has been an absolute failure as a Representative for the 11th District of Virginia. He deserves to know what his constituents think of his performance.

And he can’t say he wasn’t warned.

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