Saturday, July 3, 2010

EPA Takes 33% of US Refining Capacity Offline : New Patriot Journal

And they still are blaming Bush.

EPA Takes 33% of US Refining Capacity Offline : New Patriot Journal

The Obama Regime is using the EPA to declare war on American energy production. If Obama is able to make this stick then he will easily oversee his dream: The collapse of the American economy. This will allow him to make the fundamental change in America that he promised. He will change America from a Republic where the government governs with the consent of the people to a socialist state where the people live with the consent of the government.

I can hardly wait for November. And once we regain control of the Congress, defunding the EPA must be a priority if we are to put America's engine back on line. The EPA is the reason that the world's largest oil skimmer is not working on the Gulf right now. It is clear that the EPA's goals are not furthering the best interests of America. Its goals clearly are more in line with the environmental activists who envision a future where mankind travels via mind power and can float gently through the air going from place to place using only the sun's light for energy. In other words, the EPA's goals are fairy tale fiction used to cover-up a blatant power grab by the federal government. Their stated purpose is to make it too difficult and expensive for any company to refine oil or produce energy from coal. That is Obama's goal. We must vote in November to stop him.

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