Thursday, July 1, 2010

Former DOJ Official Charges Racism Drove DOJ to Kill Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case

More on how Eric Holder's Department of Justice has decided to exempt certain classes of people from sanctions under the law solely because of their race. Moreover, Holder has obstructed the efforts of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission to determine the facts in the case by refusing to let members of the Department of Justice answer subpoenas from the Commission.  The implications of the Department of Justice's actions are great.

We must remember that this is the man who said Americans were cowards when it came to discussing race. Cowardice is certainly a fluid thing among Neo-Lib Democrats and Holder exhibits pure cowardice in his attempt to conceal both the reasons for the decisions and the manner in which the decisions were made in the New Black Panther case. In doing this Holder elevated race and made it an issue that is used by the Department of Justice to determine whether legal sanctions may be pursued. Instead of equal justice under the law, Holder prefers to exempt minorities from certain laws and that is not only immoral but flies in the face of American legal tradition and the basis of the civil rights movement in the United States. As Dr. King said, we must look at character and not the color of a person's skin. Holder is doing the exact opposite and getting away with it because the sycophantic media is ignoring the story. 
We don't want you to be informed by anyone but us!
The question that begs in this issue is not whether Holder and his minions improperly stepped in to save the New Black Panther allies of President Barack Obama but whether it was ordered by President Obama.  That should be something that every newscaster in America is asking each and every night but we won't see it from the Left Stream Media.  So ask yourself the question, "What did the President know and when did he know it?"
"These are my people.  We will protect them.  If they keep talking about this, hit 'em back twice as hard."

Holder should be impeached and removed from office. And that is why this coming November is so very important. We cannot continue to suffer such purposeful incompetence at the hands of someone who clearly does not respect American legal tradition. The Neo-Lib Democrat control of Congress must end.

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"Way to go Barry baby!  I was only able to buy judges.  You own 'em all!  You've learned well!"

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