Monday, July 19, 2010

Parents' Fury as 'Healthy' Classmates (aged 5 and 6) are Branded Overweight by NHS Health Police

This is something you should read if only because this is the pattern that the United States will follow in 2014 when the BMI (Body Mass Indicator) for each of us will be uploaded to Federal Government computers to be used initially as a way to identify those who are obese and, a short while later, as a measure of cost effectiveness for determining what medical care we will receive.  It's important that you go to the linked article and see the pictures of the two children who were branded as "overweight" using the government BMI.

Now, I will admit to some corpulence on my part.  I was very active when I was young and lifted weights and as I grew older I ate the same but became more sedentary.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  However my 4 year old daughter is anything but obese, but using the government's BMI there is no doubt that she will show up as "overweight" because at age 4 she is as tall as most 7 year olds and wears size 7 Levis.  We talked about her size at the last yearly check-up and her doctor looked at her and said, "There is nothing wrong with her weight.  It's perfectly proportional with her height and not a concern."  The doctor's opinion, of course, did not take the government's figures into consideration and, as in the British system, a bureaucrat shall be interposed between the patient and doctor.  That will lead to the exact same bureaucratic idiocy that our British cousins now face.  The linked article clearly shows the folly of putting unnamed government bureaucrats in between a patient and his or her doctor.  England has done it and clearly it doesn't work.  So why is Obama so absolutely in favor of instituting government control of health care?  Very simple:  It's a great way to control people.

In November, when you go to the polls, remember the lies told by the Neo-Lib Democrats when they forced Obamacare down our throats.  Then vote them out of office.

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