Sunday, June 27, 2010


I guess we're all smartasses now as I don't know anybody who wouldn't love to tell Joe "Biteme" Biden that he should lower our taxes.  But to his reply I would love to look Biteme in the eye and say, "I may be a smartass but which of us is the dumbass, Joe?"  It's a rhetorical question of course but Biteme probably wouldn't understand that.  Unfortunately that would probably lead to at least an extra 20 minutes of discussion while I explained "rhetorical" and reminded Joe who he actually worked for.  That would turn an excellent moment of repartee into a tortuous hour of instructing the quintessential Village Idiot, but it would be worth it.

But I wonder?  Have you also noticed that there is a visible disconnect between the Neo-Lib Democrats and the American blue-collar worker?  Obama has his "Joe the Plumber" and now Biden has "Kopp the Custard Guy."  I'm not sure that either of these guys can truly identify with the American people.

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