Thursday, June 17, 2010

EPA: Milk = Oil

Just in case you were wondering who was running the asylum called "The EPA," it is clear that it's the inmates.  Only the nerdiest wonk would equate milk with oil and judge it to be an issue that requires federal government intervention.

This is on top of the worst environmental decision of the century by the EPA when it took over a month to deny the State of Louisiana's request to build sand bars in order to protect the wetlands and marshes in the Delta.  I can't help but wonder if the decision would have been different if Gov. Bobby Jindal was a Democrat instead of the Conservative Republican that he is.  My guess is that the Obama Regime quietly delayed action for political reasons.  They want to raise taxes to force an artificial change to "alternative energy sources," none of which are commercially viable while standing alone.  That means, of course, that we are about to embark on an energy policy that eclipses, in gross stupidity, that of President Jimmy Carter.

President Carter wasn't available for comment however I've been told that he's been smiling a lot lately after having lost the crown of "Worst President" to Obama even before Obama's midterm.  Carter is doubly pleased because it took him 3 years to achieve that distinction.

After the next election we need to ensure that the new Congress and Senate addresses the absolute lunacy of the EPA.  A lot of money could be saved with its elimination and that's what we should make happen.

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