Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FNC Notes Gaza-Bound Flotilla’s Links to Terrorists, Mob Chanted ‘Death to Jews’ |

Not what they were delivering but what they plan to deliver if they can force Israel to abandon the blockade.

FNC Notes Gaza-Bound Flotilla’s Links to Terrorists, Mob Chanted ‘Death to Jews’ |

The "international waters" argument is again being trotted out as a reason that Israel was wrong. The naive will accept that as fact and the knowledgeable will shake their heads at the inanity of the argument. No nation is required to wait for the internationally recognized 12-mile limit in the enforcement of an announced blockade and to do so would be stupid. So let us discard the "international waters" red herring and move-on to the crux of the argument.

The motive behind the Gaza Flotilla was not to deliver needed humanitarian supplies but to create a political incident. That much is clear because if they were truly humanitarian in their goal they would have headed directly for Israel where they could have docked and had their cargo off-loaded and inspected after which it, all of it, would have been trucked to the Gaza Strip where it would be turned over to U.N. Agencies for distribution. That's a problem for those who wish to smuggle weapons and arms into Gaza. They absolutely need to be able to dock directly in Gaza so they can unload without outsiders looking over their shoulders for that is the only way they can arm militants to keep the Intfada going. Terrorists were on board the boats to achieve that aim and they attacked the soldiers who were boarding in hopes of provoking the traditional, and exploitable, "tragedy" for political purposes. Actually, the only tragedy in the entire incident is the killing of truth by the Western media which immediately condemned the wrong side. Instead of championing the militants who wish only to destroy Israel they should have blamed the terrorists who put the flotilla out to sea and planned to create an incident. The blood is on the hands of the Turks and Yemeni Islamic terrorists who tried to run the blockade.

And some of it should rightfully splatter on the shoes of Obama for having given the "go signal" for renewed attacks on Israel with his idiotic Middle East policy and boost to anti-Semitism.

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