Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finally! After Only 72 Days of Dithering Obama Gives a Nod to Accepting Assistance

After dithering for 72 days, Obama decides to act on the Gulf oil crisis.  Such great leadership...NOT!
For 72 days the oil has been gushing into the Gulf.  3 days after the spill the Dutch offered high-speed skimmers that could have seriously mitigated the damage to the environment.  Because it would offend the Unions, Obama and his Neo-Lib Regime said "No thanks.  We'll handle it."  In total 13 nations offered assistance and all were told the same thing, "No thanks!" while the government cited a law (the Jones Act) from the 1920's that the President could easily have waived.

Rahm Emanuel was very clear early on when he said that a good crises should never go to waste and that was clearly the plan of the Regime when BP's deepwater well blew out.  The lives lost, the damage to the environment, the economic damage to the Gulf states...none were as important as being able to use the disaster to bolster an almost dead Cap & Trade Bill that was languishing in the Senate with almost no chance of passing.  Nothing was more important than advancing the Obama agenda, and so he dithered.  He gave speeches.  He visited the beaches for photo opportunities.  He set up a commission comprised mainly of anti-fossel fuel environmentalists with no experience in oil drilling and charged it with finding a way to avoid future incidents.  He had the Coast Guard stop oil skimming barges from operating along the Louisiana coast so that they could be inspected for fire extinguishers and life vests.  He strong-armed BP using The Chicago Way and extracted $20 Billion which he put under one of his already chosen czars to disperse.  In short, other than acting like Al Capone reborn as he was strong-arming BP, Obama did nothing.

In the blogosphere and on talk radio there was outrage yet the Main Stream Media, also known as the Left Stream Media, was strangely quiet.  Americans, however, were not fooled and political pressure started building until today, finally, the Federal Government is taking action that should have started 69-days ago and is accepting help from 12 nations.  It doesn't mean, of course, that Obama and his Regime will stop trying to use the crisis as a political tool to further their energy agenda.  That will most assuredly continue.  It means only that with the November elections getting closer the Neo-Lib Democrats who must face the voters have forced the Regime to actually take action.

November just can't come soon enough!  A re-ordering of Congress is absolutely necessary to stop the Regime's abuse of its powers and, more importantly, its abuse of the American people.

One last thought:  If this had happened during the presidency of George W. Bush, what do you think would have been the reaction by the Left Stream Media?

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