Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Judas Must Have Been a Republican

Judas Must Have Been a Republican

When I read this I remembered a conversation that I had with a call center operator trying to get donations under Rep. John Boehner's auspices for the Republican Congressional Committee. Still hot under the collar from what was clearly a Republican leadership wuss response to the Democrat criticism of Rep. Joe Barton's accurately calling-out the Regime for the White House shakedown of BP for $20 billion, I let the young man have it with both barrels. In short I told him that if the Republican Party wanted me to donate money for their use then they had better develop a spine (actually, I may have used the phrase "grow a pair," but it means the same thing) because I was tired of their "business as usual" actions and willingness to act like Democrats when it came to governing. The young man kept trying to say that we need to work together–which is true, I admit–to regain control of Congress and I kept cutting him off with, "What good will that do if the Republican's continue to act like Democrats? They should be jumping on Joe Barton's side and screaming to high heaven about the improper actions of the White House! Why is it that they agree with everything that the Democrats do?" He couldn't answer that and I lost patience and hung up the phone with no further comment. I will donate to specific candidates–something I never did before this year– but to the Republican Party? No, not until they "grow a pair!"

Let's be clear: BP is definitely culpable and will not be let off the hook. But that is why we have a court system and it is up to the Courts to act on laws enacted by Congress and signed into law by the President. It is not up to the President to take action that he has no power to take just because he can get away with it. Congress has clearly become a totally ineffective balance to the Presidency. And the Courts have been ineffective in curtailing both Congress and the Presidency as the more activist of the jurists have pursued their own power plays at the expense of individual freedoms and the Constitution. But the bottom line is that the Republican failure to openly criticize the actions of the President or the Democrats across the aisle in an effective manner is what has allowed the Neo-Lib progressives of the Left to continually advance their agenda. It makes me think that the Republican leadership is engaging in a mere shadow puppet act to "appear" to be the opposition when they plan to profit right along with the Democrats. If they want me to believe that they are ready to lead, let them say loudly and clearly on every TV network that they are going to oppose the Kagan nomination and filibuster it and if the Democrats don't like it, tough. They can nominate a jurist who believes in the Constitution instead of "social justice" or face the same vote every time for every jurist for every judgeship. Let the Democrat's howl with outrage. Let them bluster to their sycophantic media outlets. Let them cry. And above all, let them have a dose of their own medicine because that's what they've been doing for 50 years. If the Republican Party wants my money, that's what they'll have to do. It's just that simple.

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