Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Judge Rules Against Obama on Moratorium

"What do you mean a judge said I can't do that?"
They've not quit building cars because some of them crashed.  They've not grounded all aircraft since the last one crashed.  And if cars and airplanes had the same safety record as oil rigs in the U.S. waters of the Gulf of Mexico over the last 60 years, can you imagine how safe our roads and airways would have been?

Yet Obama ordered all drilling stopped in the Gulf and in Alaska.  To what purpose?  For what reason?  Safety?  Hardly.  It has been Obama's goal since the beginning to re-make the United States into a European-style socialist/Marxist state.  To do this he has to essentially ruin the economy to set the stage for such a radical transformation.  Stopping all drilling to ensure that no oil is pumped is a step in that direction.

Obama is angry and there will be an appeal, that is certain.

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