Saturday, June 19, 2010

Executive Temperament in Evidence: Bobby Jindal

Talking about doing something and actually getting something done are two different things.
Executive Temperament in Evidence: Bobby Jindal

We all remember the botched, universally panned reply he gave on behalf of the Republican Party to Obama's first State of the Union address. And off course, Obama's speech that night in 2009 was praised by the Left Stream Media and Neo-Libs everywhere. Now, over a year later with the wisdom of time and individual performance to put things into perspective, We the People know who was speaking "...words, just words..." but is unable to actually perform the duties of office and who is someone who can be a leader and get things done.

Bobby Jindal can learn to give a good speech but I don't believe that Obama can ever learn be a good leader. Saul Alinsky just never got around to writing about that. Actions do speak much louder than words and now we know that Obama is just words and nothing more. As the sun was rising this morning I was struck by the ascendancy of Bobby Jindal. This is a young man that will take action. He is a leader.

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