Saturday, June 19, 2010

Anadarko points finger at BP on Gulf oil spill

The problem.            

The BP fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico is definitely a problem. The oil is still leaking and Obama and his Regime have gone to great lengths to demonize BP aided and abetted by an all-to-willing lynch-mob press. The Regime's purpose is easily understandable: Demonize BP even if it means bankrupting the company because that will obscure the abject failure of Obama and his Regime to properly handle the emergency. We find all too late that Hillary was absolutely correct when she said that Obama wasn't ready to handle the phone call at 3:00 AM.

Of course, BP may be totally at fault but now is not the time to worry about that. Now is the time to stop the oil flow and clean up the spill and that's where the concentration should be. We can deal with BP later–and anyone else found to be at fault–once the problem is under control. And we can do it then without all the rabble-rousing "let's lynch 'em" cheering from the White House.

As for the linked article, we've been seeing a lot of comments like this from the oil industry. In that they are, if nothing else, consistent. They will always kick a competitor when they are down. I find it interesting, however, that the partners and subcontractors have been quick to jump on the lynch-wagon. After all, if BP gets lynched then the investigation may not continue to find out what other companies did, or did not, do.

Follow the link to see how the oil companies have turned on BP and are all too willing to blame them. It makes me wonder if they aren't just trying to ensure that the spotlight stays away from them.

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