Monday, June 28, 2010

Obama Admin: Criminally Negligent on Oil Spill

At this late date over two months after the beginning of the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico there can be no doubt that Barack Obama and his Regime are responsible for failing to provide relief for the people of the Gulf and protection for the environment.  They could have reacted with leadership and dispatch but the bureaucratic malaise that this Regime promoted in their reaction to the spill was neither.  The President has failed to be an engaged leader and, at best, shows little interest in the problem.  The Obama Regime has, taking its cue from the boss, failed to react at all unless it was to obstruct efforts to protect the Gulf's environment.

How did the EPA obstruct clean-up efforts?  Simple.  Dutch flagged skimmers that could have been used to greatly reduce the amount of oil that is heading towards vulnerable marshlands were rejected by the EPA for violating an obscure regulation in that the water they discharged after skimming over 99% of the oil off the ocean still showed trace amounts of oil in excess of that allowed when water is discharged from any ship.  This regulation was written to prevent the common discharge of polluted water from ocean going ships passing through American waters in the normal course of their travels but was inanely applied to vessels that were actually leaving the water 99.9% cleaner than it would be otherwise.  In other words, the regulation was not created to apply to ocean skimmers who were cleansing the water but to cruise ships, freighters and tankers plying the seas.  It was then stupidly applied to the skimmer vessels designed to clean up an oil spill.  As a result the spill threatens the entire Gulf Coast with environmental and economic damage.  Obama, the Obama Regime and the EPA are allowing the area to be destroyed so that they can point to it as justification for onerous Cap & Tax legislation to force the American people off of fossil fuel dependency.

Criminally negligent?  Absolutely!

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