Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Federal Gov't Halts Sand Berm Dredging - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Federal Gov't Halts Sand Berm Dredging - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans

It makes no sense to halt the dredging unless the goal is to ensure that the oil causes enough environmental damage to justify the Federal Government seizing control of the industry by using this to further environmental politics. The President's total lack of leadership eclipses even Jimmy Carter's unless, of course, it's not done out of stupidity and ineptness but by design. There could have been a very effective skimming operation on-going for the last 9 weeks had action been taken but Obama has failed to take the proper steps to get things going preferring instead to dither and use the disaster for political advantage. It is clear that he is not driven by a desire to perform the duties of his office as a servant of We the People but wants instead to advance his ideology regardless of the damage being done. And the damage done to the environment and the people of the Gulf Coast is, to him, unimportant except as a photo op. It is also being done primarily to Republican led states so, in the tradition of The Chicago Way, that's a double plus.

The unthinking bureaucracy of the Federal Government takes its personality from the elected leadership. In this case they are acting like good little apparatchiks, paying unbending attention to the minor details of regulations in a manner that ensures that the problem remains unsolved. They are doing only what the The Man wants done and in this case, until the damage is enough to create the political support that will allow him to get the tax-increasing Cap & Trade legislation that he needs, anything done must be done as slowly and methodically as possible. After all, a quick and effective response that solved the problem would not support the theme that fossil fuels must be done away with because they are just too dangerous and deadly for the environment.  A quick and effective response would not justify the tax increase on all Americans that is to come if the anti-carbon legislation is enacted.  A quick and effective response would not justify the government intervention, amounting to seizure, of the energy industry.

It makes me wonder, what's in those cigarettes he's been smoking with his staff late at night?

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