Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mexico Joins Suit Against Arizona's Immigration Law, Citing 'Grave Concerns'

Ok, Presidenté Calderon, it's not all that hard to understand this map
I, too, have grave concerns but strictly about the inability of Mexico to respect the sovereignty of the United States. I remember when I was assigned with DEA in Laredo, Texas, in the late 1980’s there were several occasions where uniformed Border Patrol Agents on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande were fired upon by uniformed, but unidentified, individuals standing in Mexico. On at least one of these occasions the bullets were close enough that the Border Patrol Agents, acting in their own self-defense, returned fire so that their assailants would have to take cover which would allow them time to get to safety further away from the banks of the river. The very next day the Mexican Consul in Laredo was lodging a loud and strident protest that Americans had fired weapons into Mexico. When told that they were returning fire at people who were shooting at them he refused to accept the complaint insisting only that Mexican sovereignty had been violated. The professional law enforcement officers in Laredo at the local, state and federal levels all viewed that Consul, an official of the Mexican government, with disgust. He clearly was either stupid or in the pay of the criminals but what he did was with the approval of the central Mexican government and reflected their policy not his own.

So now Mexico has decided to sue Arizona in U.S. Courts as a result of the Arizona law. Total chutzpah that, but it is in line with the thinking south of the border especially now that they see a President in the U.S. that favors open borders. The problem is that they are using the U.S. Court system, something we cannot do in Mexico, to sue a state government. The gut reaction of most Americans to this is absolute anger so on one level it was a stupid decision by the Mexican government. Nothing new in that, but clearly this will not calm down the feelings of Americans who feel besieged in their own country. Instead, it will increase the anger of We the People towards our neighbors to the south which really isn’t a good thing for either country. I think that floating around in the small, twisted mind of the dwarfish Mexican leader Calderon, is the idea that the Norté Americanos will always have Obama as a ruler, or at least one just like him, and that Obama’s decisions will not be rolled-back. That such an idea is stupid is obvious. That it flourishes in small-minded politicians who are used to making money with their hands out for any money offered is clear. The last thing that the Mexicans want is a stop to the illegal immigrants and drugs going north and the money going south and they’ll do and say anything they can to keep the human and drug smuggling enterprises intact.

One solution that would help is reciprocity. Reciprocity has long been used in diplomatic circles as a way to ensure that each nation is given the same respect and treatment as each other nation with which it has diplomatic relations. It’s actually very simple: What you do to our diplomats we do to yours. If you restrict the travel of our diplomats we restrict the travel of yours. If you restrict the housing of our diplomats we restrict the housing of yours. A very simple practice that keeps relationships between nations, at least at a diplomatic level, equal.

Maybe it’s time to put reciprocity into practice in our relationship with Mexico. We can start with property rights and should immediately notify the Mexican government that as American citizens cannot buy ocean front property in Mexico, Mexican citizens may not own ocean front property in the U.S. and have 90 days to dispose of any that they have. After all, our government through Fannie and Freddie has been helping illegal immigrants, with a purposeful "blind eye" towards their immigration status, to achieve the American dream for years so they should do the same or lose the privilege.

When it comes to political activity, Americans, on pain of criminal prosecution, jail time and deportation, are not allowed to protest political actions by the Mexican government in Mexico. We need to do the same to any Mexican national who dares to protest on our streets carrying a Mexican, or any other, flag. They should be arrested, jailed and deported in the exact same manner as what the Mexican government would do if Americans protested in Mexico City. Seem fair, does it not?

On the crime front, Mexican officials facilitate the smuggling of drugs to Mexico. We should reciprocate with a reduction in aid going south to Mexico commensurate with the value of the drugs going north. Seems right to me and, I am sure, most other Americans. I mean, we’re not about to require our officials to become corrupt and take bribes just to facilitate criminal activity going south of the border as they do with the criminal activity coming north so the only way to address it is with aid.

Also, if Mexico does not want its citizens arrested and deported when they travel north in violation of our law, then they must allow American citizens to go south and work at will in Mexico, living, having anchor babies, starting small businesses and sending profits back to the United States. And any Mexican policeman who dares to stop a Norté Americano because of their nice clothes, good shoes and fair skin should be immediately pilloried in the Mexican press, fired from his position and jailed for racial discrimination, profiling and a violation of human rights. And his superiors should be liable to a civil lawsuit where they will have to pay damages and fines. That’s what they want here so they should offer it there, right?

Good ideas, right? You can bet neither government will think so. Unfortunately, if reciprocity such as this is mentioned, government officials on both sides of the border pale. Reciprocity, you see, is something that is reserved for diplomats and cannot be extended to all citizens. To do so is just...just...unthinkable!

But why not? Especially when the current system works to the detriment of U.S. citizens in their own country. Especially when Americans are being held hostage to violence exported from south of the border.

And Felipé, step up on a foot stool and look at the picture above closely. It shows you a map of your country (the green one) and a map of the country that belongs to We the People. Study the map, Senõr Calderon. We’re getting tired of you thinking that what is ours is yours.

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We have a better idea.  Go home and work for it there.  If your own country isn't free enough for you, change it like our Forefathers did.  We'll even let you copy our Constitution!  But don't think that you will come here and just take over. 

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