Monday, June 21, 2010

ABC and NBC Describe Arizona Law as ‘Anti-Immigration’ and ‘Harsh’ |

When you've got the moves you can do what you want.  That most people don't watch you is immaterial.
ABC and NBC Describe Arizona Law as ‘Anti-Immigration’ and ‘Harsh’ |

What surprises me is not that the Left Stream Media is über liberal, but that given the ratings and the polls they are stupid enough to believe that they are actually forming public opinion and that a majority of the people believe what they say. The linked report details some of the misrepresentations that are at best borne of ignorance and at worst a purposeful effort to advance a political agenda that is the antithesis of what Americans believe and want.

On second thought, attributing a "purposeful agenda" to the shallow talking-heads of the major TV networks may be giving them way too much credit. I think that they really are just that ignorant.

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A bit of fact finding would have kept Dan Rather from having to appear on TV looking like the foolish liar that he is.  But facts are not necessary when you're goal is advancing an agenda as opposed to reporting the truth.  

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