Friday, February 26, 2010

Why Obama defies the public on health care | Washington Examiner

Why Obama defies the public on health care | Washington Examiner

Obama defies the people because he is a radical liberal-progressive-socialist.  He believes that he is the leader of the ruling elite and that because he was elected in 2008 he no longer has to answer to the people.  Because of that belief, he intends to pursue his radical socialist agenda and put America as far down the road as he can to pure socialist fascism before he's thrown out of office.  Nowhere was this clearer that when he said that he'd rather be a very good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.  It is sad that despite his Ivy League education he still doesn't realize that very good presidents get two terms and mediocre or poor presidents get only one.  But Obama clearly accepts that he will probably only get one term because his goals are to destroy America and the Constitution, neither of which he really likes.  America fails to spread, à la Marx, the wealth that it has not only to its' own citizens but to the rest of the world.  The Constitution, written by the truly wise men who are our Founding Fathers, limits the federal government's powers thus stands in opposition to Obama's goals.  Those are two items that he is dedicated to fundamentally changing or destroying.

The unintended consequence of Obama's socialist dedication is that he may end up destroying the Democrat Party. I won't cry over that because people like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Charlie Rangel, among others, are all too common among Democrats.  It's unfortunate that he can't take some of the RINO's with him in that destruction.

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