Wednesday, February 24, 2010 - Al Gore's Nine Lies - Al Gore's Nine Lies

The man behind the hysteria that was created to allow the fraud is now apparently in hiding to ashamed to show his face.

His "documentary" was anything but. His lies have been exposed.  We eagerly await his return of the Oscar and the Nobel Prize but we won't hold our breath waiting for either.

Anthropogenic Global Warming was a fraud. Its' goals were monetary and political. The monetary goal was twofold. First, to allow the Third World kleptocrats access to the treasuries of the West, in particular the United States. They would be paid reparations, for lack of a better word, for the West having been successful. In truth, this goal was a basic redistribution of wealth. The second part of the monetary goal was to allow the ruling elite and their chosen friends and allies to profit from the sale of "carbon credits." AlGore stood to make billions from this part of the monetary goal.

The political goal was to allow the leaders of the West, especially President Barack Obama, to insert and expand the role of government in the everyday lives of the people. Obama believes that the federal government must be totally in control of all individual activities in order to ensure that everyone shares equally in the bounty of the nation. In this, he is a socialist who believes in the redistribution of income and the punishment of success...unless of course the success had the prior approval of the government.

Follow the link for more on AlGore and his failed plot.

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